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The need to change often appears as problems in important areas of our lives.

People usually seek therapy when they are unhappy with how their lives are going.

  They may despair at repeatedly failing to find and maintain enduring and gratifying personal relationships.

 They may hate their jobs, and become disillusioned with themselves, God, the government, or their inabilities to fulfill their dreams.

  They may feel lonely, inadequate, unlovable, guilty, angry, or responsible in ways that make them miserable.

Today, too many people rely on medications, drugs, alcohol, food, or other distracting negative behaviors to escape from or cope with pain in their lives.

“If we keep doing the same things over and over again,
we usually get the same results!”

Sheltered Life by Michael Fatali

Therapy can help you discover more productive ways to think and respond to your problems, disappointments, and negative relationships.

Therapy can also help you accept who you are and where you are,
learn how to change the things you can,
and come to peace with those you cannot.

My goal will be to help you gain insight into problematic patterns that exist
 in your life, recognize and utilize your strengths, make better choices,
and develop behaviors that enhance your life and relationships.


Autumn in Zion by Michael Fatali

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